Lonnie G. Harper & Assoc., Inc. Overview

Lonnie G. Harper & Assoc., Inc. was established to provide high quality civil engineering and surveying services to meet the needs of public, commercial, and private clients throughout Louisiana.  Since our inception we have completed hundreds of engineering related projects and thousands of survey related projects with unsurpassed quality.  We strive to provide all of our clients with the most efficient and economically minded designs for all projects in which we are involved.
At Lonnie G. Harper & Assoc., Inc. we pride ourselves in the utmost level of work ethic; as well as, technical knowledge, resulting in an excellent product for our clients.  We are continually educating ourselves with the latest equipment, software, and engineering theory so we may provide the most technically sound design in a most timely manner.
Although we are deeply immersed in our work, we make no compromises with the attention the client is given in a project.  We work closely with the client to provide a solution that is in line with the project budget, concept, and vision.  Being located, and working in such an environmentally sensitive area, we understand the impacts that development and construction can have on an area; therefore we make every effort possible to provide not only a project that meets the requirements of our client, but is also designed to be in harmony with the environment.
Our firm employs the necessary licensed engineers, surveyors, scientific support staff, and draftspersons to accurately and swiftly provide construction documents.  It is understood at Lonnie G. Harper & Assoc., Inc. that the client’s schedule is of the utmost importance; therefore, we manage our data collection, design, and production departments in the most efficient manner possible.  This process is continually improving through the life-cycle of a project to ultimately benefit our clients.
At Lonnie G. Harper & Assoc., Inc., we take pride in every project that we are involved with because we understand that our designs reflect our abilities.  We pride ourselves in the high level of talent and experience in the arenas in which we are engaged, and we furthermore understand that there is always a need to provide better, more efficient designs to meet the needs of a growing community.
It is our mission to make the client feel as if they are a member of our staff with regard to the design process.  Thorough insight, as to the functionality of a project, is the basis upon which we move a project through the concept, design, drafting, and construction phases.  We strive not to only achieve a thorough understanding of the goals of the project, but also achieve the client’s vision of the project.
When you consider our company’s mindset, and the relationship that we develop with our clients, we feel that we are unmatched in every aspect of professional design.  At Lonnie G. Harper & Assoc., Inc. we are not only committed to excellent professional services, but are continually striving to improve all aspects of service we provide.